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April 2018

“If We Hurry…”

A questionable approach for personal finance.

The Real-Life Story-Song of Harry Chapin 
Yeah, this stuff really happens.

If You’re One of the 10%, Cool. 
An alternative retirement perspective for the “90-percenters”

CSRs Are Not Financial Professionals
Professional advice over the phone? Nah, don’t do that.

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March 2018

Re-Inventing Personal Finance
(Even Though Nothing Has Changed)

Auto-Enrollment: A “Nudge” Toward More Debt?
Even Simple Nudges Can Be Complicated.

“Too Late Smart” About Life Insurance? There May Be Hope.
The Four Groups Who Really Want Life Insurance.

Three Steps To Preventing The Lost Estate Plan
 “I Know We Should Do This…”

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February 2018

The Lottery or the Nickel
Opportunities, guarantees and human behavior

Tax Law Changes: Another Reason for Liquidity
Tax management can be a financial emergency

An “Adults-Only” Financial Strategy
A way to maintain financial equilibrium at a higher level

Could You Be “Orphaned” in Retirement?
What happens when your financial professionals retire?

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January 2018

Don’t Get Mad. Get Real.
It’s “Wealth Management,” Not “Wealth Creation.” 

College Education v. Debt and Savings
Smart money wins. Every time.

Unintended Consequences: 401(k)s Clobber the Best Savers
Taxes may not be lower in retirement. Just sayin’.

Term Life Insurance: It’s Not So Simple
If everything goes right, you could lose a million.

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December 2017

Better Benchmarks for Financial Balance
New standards for today’s economic realities.

Thinking Past 529 Plans
Choose your own nudge.

Personalized Income Deferral
Options beyond the 401(k).

A Canary in the Entitlement Coal Mine?
Reduced benefits, more saving incentives.

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November 2017

Cash Reserves: A Plan for Today
“Tomorrows come next, Todays come first.”

Home Equity: Add to, or Draw from?
The answer is “Yes” or “No”

Getting Lucky in Retirement
Removing the nostalgia from pensions.

It's Greek for "happy flourishing".

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October 2017

No Saving, No Financial Miracles
The essential ingredient for compounding.

An All-Pro Perspective on Financial Protection
“Where you have answers if the worst does happen.”

Social Security: Still Here, Still Unresolved.
Same challenges, same uncertainties.

Is Investment Risk Necessary?
The biggest risk factor is human behavior.

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September 2017

Realistic Projections = Robust Saving
Getting rid of Humpty Dumpty numbers.

Want Guaranteed Lifetime Income? Add Annuities
Better ingredients, greater certainty.

Do the Right Thing: Insure Your Economic Value
You are your most valuable financial asset. 

Accountability in Personal Finance
“Should I ask why you’re doing that?”

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August 2017

You Are Not So Smart (but You Can Get Lucky)
The real secret to success.

The Stresses in Staggered Retirement
When one retires and the other keeps working.

The Return of Alt-Mortgages
The logic of lower payments, less equity.

Your Employer as 401(k) Loan Officer
Retirement plan sponsors make the rules.

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July 2017

Professional Assistance = Time Management
Financial management is ultimately time management.

Jocks, Docs and Disability Insurance
The best ability is availability.

New Twist: Selling Home Equity
Cash out with no monthly payments? Remember: TINSTAAFL.

The Details of Distribution
Some basic concepts for cash-value distributions.

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June 2017 

The Same Retirement in Feet and Meters
Does $1 million = $5,000/mo?

For Owners, It's Different
They're not employees.

From Stick House to Brick House
An alternative for long-term cash reserves.

Less Debt is Better For You

For many, the biggest item in wealth management.

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May 2017

Financial Ideas That Have “Jumped the Shark”
Still around, just not as cool.

Life Insurance: Asset or Liability?
Money in your pockets or out? 

The Need to Blame a Real Person
Off-loading responsibility for the tough decisions.

Your First Home May Be a Horizontal Apartment
A home with no down payment. And no equity.

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April 2017

Can You Be Trusted with Your Money?
Do you have the character to execute better strategies?

The "Professional Deformation" of Life Insurance
The problem of evaluating everything as an "investment"

Connectivity Insurance
Protecting the newest essential asset - your smartphone

It's Never Too Late to Pass Along Financial Wisdom
"I wish I had..." and "I'm glad I did..."

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