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January 2018

Don’t Get Mad. Get Real.
It’s “Wealth Management,” Not “Wealth Creation.” 

College Education v. Debt and Savings
Smart money wins. Every time.

Unintended Consequences: 401(k)s Clobber the Best Savers
Taxes may not be lower in retirement. Just sayin’.

Term Life Insurance: It’s Not So Simple
If everything goes right, you could lose a million.

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December 2017

Better Benchmarks for Financial Balance
New standards for today’s economic realities.

Thinking Past 529 Plans
Choose your own nudge.

Personalized Income Deferral
Options beyond the 401(k).

A Canary in the Entitlement Coal Mine?
Reduced benefits, more saving incentives.

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November 2017

Cash Reserves: A Plan for Today
“Tomorrows come next, Todays come first.”

Home Equity: Add to, or Draw from?
The answer is “Yes” or “No”

Getting Lucky in Retirement
Removing the nostalgia from pensions.

It's Greek for "happy flourishing".

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October 2017

No Saving, No Financial Miracles
The essential ingredient for compounding.

An All-Pro Perspective on Financial Protection
“Where you have answers if the worst does happen.”

Social Security: Still Here, Still Unresolved.
Same challenges, same uncertainties.

Is Investment Risk Necessary?
The biggest risk factor is human behavior.

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September 2017

Realistic Projections = Robust Saving
Getting rid of Humpty Dumpty numbers.

Want Guaranteed Lifetime Income? Add Annuities
Better ingredients, greater certainty.

Do the Right Thing: Insure Your Economic Value
You are your most valuable financial asset. 

Accountability in Personal Finance
“Should I ask why you’re doing that?”

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August 2017

You Are Not So Smart (but You Can Get Lucky)
The real secret to success.

The Stresses in Staggered Retirement
When one retires and the other keeps working.

The Return of Alt-Mortgages
The logic of lower payments, less equity.

Your Employer as 401(k) Loan Officer
Retirement plan sponsors make the rules.

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July 2017

Professional Assistance = Time Management
Financial management is ultimately time management.

Jocks, Docs and Disability Insurance
The best ability is availability.

New Twist: Selling Home Equity
Cash out with no monthly payments? Remember: TINSTAAFL.

The Details of Distribution
Some basic concepts for cash-value distributions.

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June 2017 

The Same Retirement in Feet and Meters
Does $1 million = $5,000/mo?

For Owners, It's Different
They're not employees.

From Stick House to Brick House
An alternative for long-term cash reserves.

Less Debt is Better For You

For many, the biggest item in wealth management.

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May 2017

Financial Ideas That Have “Jumped the Shark”
Still around, just not as cool.

Life Insurance: Asset or Liability?
Money in your pockets or out? 

The Need to Blame a Real Person
Off-loading responsibility for the tough decisions.

Your First Home May Be a Horizontal Apartment
A home with no down payment. And no equity.

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April 2017

Can You Be Trusted with Your Money?
Do you have the character to execute better strategies?

The "Professional Deformation" of Life Insurance
The problem of evaluating everything as an "investment"

Connectivity Insurance
Protecting the newest essential asset - your smartphone

It's Never Too Late to Pass Along Financial Wisdom
"I wish I had..." and "I'm glad I did..."

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March 2017

Knowing the Reasons NOT to
Not everything is a good fit.

Austerity vs. Borrowing in Personal Finance
Cutting expenses, increasing income, and "robust saving."

The Wealthy Are Different: They Own Life Insurance
Experts say the "smart money" doesn't own life insurance. Except it does.

The "115" Plan: Better Than Conserving Principal
There's a hard ceiling on maximum age.

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February 2017

Capital Management: Your Economic Edge over Automation
If a robot does your job, what will you do?

Life Insurance: Still Good for Estate Planning
Guaranteed Liquidity, precisely when needed.

The Best Return-Boosting Strategy
It's D. (You gotta see the math!)

Let's Start with a Vacation!
Because it's like retirement, sort of.

January 2017

Maybe It's Time to Say 'Uncle'
Some 'firm but benevolent advice'.

Taking Aim at Prosperity - By Borrowing
Saving is essential, borrowing can turbocharge.

This Video Should Go Viral
Really, Should it.

How Astronauts Signed for Life Insurance
Turning the high risks of space flight to a financial advantage.

December 2016

Read This Article (for at least 6 minutes)
For financial wisdom, text beats video.

Hedging Your Life Insurance Program
Options for those times when resources don't match opportunities.

When Should Your Internal Fiscal Year Begin and End?
The calendar year may not be in sync with your fiscal year.

"The Story of Sport and Money" Begins with a Fight over a Life Insurance Policy
Arnold Palmer wanted a life insurance policy...Management said "No." Oops.

November 2016

Life Satisfaction from Cash on Hand
The benefit of increasing people's immediate access to money.

Dear IRS: I Messed Up My Rollover, But I Have a Pre-Approved Excuse
A new form - or a much more expensive review.

The Brave New World of Legacy Planning for Digital Access
"The most important law you don't know about."

Never in 5,000 Years: Anomaly or the New Normal?
The lowest interest rates of all time. Ever.

October 2016

Making Life Insurance "Occam Simple"
When complexity leads to greater confusion, it's time to apply Occam's Razor

"Take Me Economist...Please!"
Theoretically, it's a joke. In reality, not so funny.

Deferred Compensation in College Football
Why does a coach borrow to buy life insurance?

The Reverse Mortgage: Using Home Equity in Retirement
A unique way to spend the equity while continuing to live in the house.

September 2016

Preparing for What You Can't Prepare For
How do you prepare for unknown, random events that can undo everything?

Retirement Spending: The Difference Between Theory and Practice
The reason most retirees have a "consumption gap."

A Generous Banker Shouldn't Tempt You To Be a Foolish Borrower
If these were business loans...

What's the End Game for Your Home?
The Ripple effects of Liquidating your largest asset or continuing to live there.

August 2016

Resolving Tribal Conflict in Retirement Planning
It's not a football game, it's your retirement.

Cars, Weddings and Other $30,000 Projects
Overlooking "small" projects can mess up the big ones.

Inheritance Equalization Strategies for Business Owners
The challenge of equal and equitable.

Why You Want Oterhs to Become World-Class Savers
Does it make sense to help your "competitors"?

July 2016

Are you Ready for the Gig Economy?
The opportunities will come to those who are prepared.

In the Right Language, "Wealth management" Starts with "Cash Flow"
Translating "Working" and "Spending" to make sense of your financial story.

Self-Insurance: Done Best by...Insurance Companies
"Self-insure whenever you can," he says. Except he doesn't.

The Invictus Illusion
Just Because you say so, doesn't make it so.